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Pirates lose game when right fielder trips and falls down on easy pop fly

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There are probably worse ways to lose a ballgame. I can't think of any, but they probably exist.

The Chicago Cubs had a 7-1 lead heading into the sixth inning. The game was eventually tied up, 10-10, and went to extra innings. In the bottom of the 12th, the Cubs had the bases loaded with one out when Matt Szczur ran the count to 3-1. Could a walkoff walk be in the making? No! Because he lifted a pop fly to shallow right field, certainly not deep enough to score the runner at third. BUT THEN THIS HAPPENED:

HOLY LORD IS THERE A SNIPER AT WRIGLEY FIELD?! Gregory Polanco, what in the world is happening?

Oh, buddy. Maybe he was just doing the Stanky Legg?

(Please note: the 10th inning ended when Polanco caught essentially the EXACT SAME pop fly (from Szczur) to double up the runner at home.)

How you feeling about this, Pittsburgh Pirates fans?

Yeah, seems about right.