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President Obama has a new Twitter and Chicago teams are thirsty for follows

The president's loyalty to the White Sox is strong.

President Barack Obama has a new Twitter account -- not to be confused with that other one:

Let's take a look at who he follows:

In terms of Chicago sports, that's pretty good: He follows the Blackhawks (who are still in the Stanley Cup playoffs), the Bulls (who were eliminated from the playoffs), the White Sox (the pride and joy of Chicago's South Side, Obama's stomping grounds) and the Bears (creators of the Super Bowl Shuffle).

The Chicago Cubs and Sky, however, want some love from POTUS:

To be fair, Obama is a big White Sox fan, so it wouldn't make sense for him to follow the Cubs. That's just how rivalries go. The Chicago Sky, on the other hand, is pretty disappointing. They used a Chris Farley GIF! How do you not follow them after that?

No word yet on whether the Chicago Fire also wants to slide into his DMs.


Now Northwestern University has their own nudge-nudge, wink-wink.