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Runner loses shoe in the middle of championship race, wins anyway

Bye shoe, it was nice meeting you!

For any other person, losing a shoe in the middle of a track race would mean disaster. For Syracuse freshman and Canadian Justyn Knight, it only meant he had to work harder for the ACC title, as he told

Syracuse freshman Justyn Knight lost his sneaker in the middle of his 1,500-meter win on Saturday and still out-kicked the rest of the ACC to the finish line. Knight won the ACC title by six-hundreths of a second over Virginia Tech's Neil Gourley, finishing with a time of 3:47.85.

"It was tough because I didn't have any grip," Knight told after the race. "I knew I didn't want to come in second without a shoe, so I had to come in first."

If you look closely, you can see Knight's shoe laid out on the ground, waving goodbye to all the other runners:

Knight, for his part, thought the incident was hilarious:

And he should, because he won. Oh, Canada.