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Rachel Nichols explains events leading up to her being banned for Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

This story just keeps getting worse and worse for the Mayweather camp.

Rachel Nichols and Michelle Beadle were originally banned from receiving a media credential for the fight of the century between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Nichols took to Twitter to explain the entirety of what happened leading up to today's events:

Have had a bunch of folks asking questions about the Mayweather issue. Here's what happened: After asking tough questions of Floyd Mayweather on my program, I was not offered press credentials to cover tonight's fight. In an email dated April 23, I was told I would only be credentialed for the run-up events through the week, but in bold, italic letters the email stated "you do not have any access Saturday to any services or events." A CNN producer revisited the issue with the Mayweather camp on April 29, confirming to Mayweather's publicist that I would be in Las Vegas, and the publicist replied that I would still be denied a fight night credential. I was told the same thing when I arrived at the credential office in person on May 1, by two separate officials, in front of several other people. It doesn't surprise me that now, after facing significant backlash, the Mayweather camp has reversed its position. But despite this, and other outside parties generously offering me their seats, I will not attend the fight. I will also not let fear of retaliation prevent me from asking the tough questions the public deserves answers to in the future.

In order:

1) April 23 she was told she would only have access to events leading up to the fight but nothing on Saturday.

2) A CNN producer revisited the topic April 29 but the Mayweather camp still denied her access.

3) On May 1, two separate officials reminded her, in front of a crowd, that she wasn't going to have access to the event.

4) And despite many outlets and people giving up their seats for her, in protest she won't be attending or covering the fight. However, she will still be asking the hard-hitting questions that led to her eventual dismissal.

This is just going to keep getting worse for the Mayweather camp. But somehow, in a devilish public relations sort of way, this might get more people to watch this super-fight.