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This is why even NFL players think strength coaches are 'a little too crazy'


On May 20, he lifted a 242-pound strongman stone from the ground onto a 54-inch high platform. Late that afternoon, he had surgery on both of his knees (repairs to each meniscus as well as surfaces) and his right shoulder (torn rotator cuff). On May 21, he reported to team headquarters for work.

"I think he was here the day after his surgery," center Brian Schwenke said. "Oh, he loves it. He loves this way too much. This is his life. I mean, he’s a little crazy. Probably a little too crazy."

Said coach Ken Whisenhunt: "I think it confirms that Watterson is crazy, that I know. I think it shows his intensity. I think he's held together by a girdle, if he takes it off I think he's going to fall apart.

Cool, guys. Anyway, my thumbs hurt from a full week of blogging and sending tweets so I'm gonna stop typing right n


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