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LeBron James got rid of his headband to look more like his teammates

LeBron James wore a headband for over a decade in the NBA. The fashion accessory and tossing chalk became his two defining characteristics (outside of being one of the best dang players in the association). This season he lost the headband and suffered the endless jokes about his hairline, but it was all in service of being closer to his Cavaliers teammates, according to

"I did it because I just wanted to look like my teammates," James told Northeast Ohio Media Group. "Just wanted to be one. Nothing more than that."

This is sweet in a really weird way. Sure, there might be more obvious ways to bond with your teammates than taking off a headband, but it's a nice gesture of team unity. Mike Miller joked about the switch:

"Well, that's the only way he can (look like us) because I can't get away with wearing a headband," veteran Mike Miller said with a laugh after hearing James' reasoning.

There will continue to be jokes about LeBron's new look, and PLENTY more about his hairline, but if that's the cost of a little more unity then it was well worth it.