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'Boobs' and other suggested mascot names released by North Dakota

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Thanks to the University of North Dakota for releasing them all.

He does not want to play for the "Otters."
He does not want to play for the "Otters."
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The University of North Dakota was forced by the NCAA to drop the name "Fighting Sioux" because it was deemed offensive to Native Americans, so now the school needs a new mascot. In an effort to find the new name, the university solicited ideas from fans throughout April.

Rather than just tell us which name they decided on, some hero in the UND communications department decided to release every single suggestion they got, split between a "consideration list" and a "non-consideration list." Here's a look at the highlights, which the accompanied descriptions.

Consideration list

Remember, these are the names ACTUALLY STILL BEING CONSIDERED!

- Abdominal Snowmen ... "Because f*ck it why not, it's basically the north pole there." (The correctly spelled version of Abominable Snowmen is not being considered, oddly enough.)

- One popular choice was the Flickertails, since that was the original nickname of the University of North Dakota. The best description was a person who just posted a Slate URL as their description.

- 7th Cavalry, because it "shows history of North Dakota and shouldn't piss off any bleeding heart liberals."

- From @PFTCommenter, probably: Blue Collars ... "Hardworking, get the job done."

- Chipmunks ... "Chipmunks are awesome"

- Exterminators ... "Death to Gophers." There were many Minnesota-related suggestions, but this one might be the best.

- Foreigners ... "Because the NCAA wants a name that is less 'native'."

- This was submitted twice: Geckos ... "Geckos are fucking badass and our colors could still be green and white. They are are also cold blooded which is cool."

- There are roughly 24.5 pages of people who just suggested North Dakota with no nickname.

- Lots of people suggested Predators because of drones.

- Seminoles ... "Because if FSU can get away with it, so can you."

- Otters ... "otters are p cool."

Non-consideration list

There were also thousands of submissions that the university is not considering, for fairly obvious reasons. Here's a look at the highlights, minus the hundreds of very racist submissions.

- 2% terrorists ... "These terrorists forcing this thing amount to 2%."

- abcdefghjklmnpqrtvwyz ... "The letters s, i, o, u, and x have deleted from the alphabet because we are not the sioux"

- Backwoods Hicks ... "Sorry, thought we were just saying things about North Dakota"

- Beers, but not because of beer! Why then? "It combines the ferociousness of a bear with the speed and nimbleness of a deer."

- Boobs ... "Boobs are great. Lets glorify boobs instead of being racist."

brought to you by XXXXX ... "Sell our naming rights to some company for a billion dollars. Give money to the citizens of North Dakota."

Bush did 911 came up twice! The two descriptions were "Its true (with a shrug face emoji)" and "yep."

- Dank memes ... "Because everybody loves dank memes." This is true.

- Dem Boyz ... "Wiz Khalifa is from North Dakota, and one of his popular songs is Dem Boyz." Also true! He is from Minot.

Harlem Globetrotters, because "ball is lyfe."

- There were roughly 150 pages of people suggesting the old nickname, Fighting Sioux, or just Sioux. About 80 of those pages had the same description, "We're fighting back!" while others spelled it Soo or Sue.

- Both Cuddly Kerpaws "because my cat is really cute and brings a lot of good luck....BTW kerpaw is also my cats name," and also Fighting Kerpaws "because sometimes kerpaw is not so cuddly and really likes to fight."