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Lacrosse goalie stops giving any craps, sprints and spins through entire defense, scores goal

In a few short seconds, a man in sweatpants holding a butterfly net destroyed an entire Ivy League lacrosse team.

Meet Blaze Riorden, the goalie for the Albany Great Danes. He's a goalie, and a good one -- he was first-team all-conference this year -- but he's always had dreams of doing bigger things. Of running around, ripping goals like the rest of his teammates.

Saturday, he got the ball in Albany's NCAA Tournament game against Cornell. There were only a few seconds left in the quarter -- not enough for the opponent to set up any sort of attack if he turned it over -- and his team had a big lead. So he decided to live those dreams.

What he does is low-key amazing. He's not the most athletic-looking guy -- he's generously listed at 6'0, 215 pounds -- but look at that spin move. He's wearing sweatpants, but he's blowing past opponents in shorts. He's got a goalie net meant for stopping shots, not precisely shooting them, but he finds the back of the net like he's done it a billion times:

Blaze, you're a hero.

It's actually not the first goal of Riorden's career -- he sometimes advances up field when the opponent is short-handed due to a penalty, scoring last season against Bryant.