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John Oliver promises to drink all the Budweiser if they stop sponsoring FIFA

He will do absolutely anything to save the sport he loves.

The arrest of a number of current and former FIFA officials caused Last Week Tonight with John Oliver to re-evaluate the current state of FIFA.

For the most part, Oliver is pretty happy with the fact that it happened at all, even taking a jab at Jack Warner getting fooled by an article by The Onion and Chuck Blazer's cat apartment.

But it isn't enough, because Sepp Blatter is still FIFA's president:

He also proposed an idea that, if the U.S. can't seem to get Blatter out of FIFA, they might as well go after the sponsors. And if the sponsors can somehow stop supporting FIFA, Oliver promised that he will consume every one of their products, guilt-free, because he really hates the "Swiss demon who has ruined the sport (he loves)."

The whole segment is worth watching, especially if you're looking for a new nickname for Chuck Blazer. Or if you're simply down for more FIFA schadenfreude:

Update: John Oliver got his wish, and now it's time to celebrate.

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