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Disgraced FIFA snitch's parrot was trained to mock him by ex-wife

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Chuck Blazer, the disgraced former FIFA employee and reported informant for the current investigationfamously kept his cats in their own Trump Tower apartment. Blazer's got more pets -- a bunch of big, fancy parrots -- and as the Sunday Times reported, one of those parrots once TURNED ON HIM:

Before he fell ill -- he has recently been reported to be suffering from several forms of cancer -- he would occasionally be spotted rumbling around Central Park in New York on a motorized scooter with his parrot on his shoulder.

(Intermission: There are more than a few people who roll around New York with parrots on their shoulders, but I could swear I've seen this guy before.)

The bird had an eccentric story of its own. At some point in Blazer's past an ex-wife had departed, taking the parrot with her. By the time she returned it a year later, she had trained it to spout abuse. Blazer kept the bird in a gilded cage in his sumptuous Manhattan penthouse office, and complained that his business meetings were often interrupted by the bird squawking: "You're a dope."

THIS IS VERY GOOD PARROT USAGE. Parrots make great hype men and revenge puppets, and they'll also talk shit about Hitler if you ask them to. Good birds. Sorry, Chuck.

(h/t Piers Edwards)