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Rob Gronkowski explains his bizarre drink of choice very Gronkily

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One day, this will be a clue under Jeopardy's "Potent Potables" category.

DuJour Magazine did a profile on Rob Gronkowski, and despite what you think of him, it's actually a pretty good read. It's also got this bizarre and erotic behind-the-scenes footage of Gronk's photo shoot and interview:

He's aware of the party boy vibe he gives people, but in his defense, he believes there should be time to be both serious and playful:

"There’s definitely a time to party and a time to focus on work, but you need to let loose a little bit so that you can go back on Monday feeling refreshed and motivated to work hard again," he says. "People act like dancing is breaking the law and partying is a crime. Everyone thinks I’m in trouble 24/7, but what have I really done besides dance?"

That being said, he is still the Gronk we all know and love, because of this stinger at the end of the feature, which comes up after a sommelier pours a glass of wine for him:

"My drink is usually vodka with water because it gets you hydrated and drunk at the same time," he explains after the sommelier has departed. "I never drink wine. There’s only one wine I like, but I forget what it’s called. It tastes like Sprite."

A quick Google search led me to this thread where someone posted the pros and cons of drinking vodka and water together:

It makes you wonder if Gronk also Googled "vodka and water," ended up on that thread, read the first post and thought, "Yeah, that sounds perfect."

(via Deadspin)

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