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Keith Olbermann calls for Hope Solo's suspension, firings of U.S. soccer officials over domestic violence

Keith Olbermann of ESPN has been resolute and consistent on the issue of domestic violence in sports. Following a Summer in 2014 where he was justifiably critical of the NFL's handling of Ray Rice, he's now turning his attention to the U.S. Soccer's inaction over Hope Solo's alleged assault on her half-sister and nephew, which in his view has been blatantly ignored by officials.

The renewed effort by Olbermann comes on the heels of an "Outside the Lines" report in which Solo's half-sister broke her silence on the alleged assault that happened in June of last year. The half-sister's personal account of the incident details her son having his head "repeatedly" slammed into concrete, before Solo punched her "multiple times," resulting in a broken tooth.

Solo's half-sister said she broke her silence now to stop the vilification against her son after Solo appeared on "Good Morning America" and gave a very different version of events. Olbermann slammed U.S. Soccer officials for doing nothing, and electing to "stay in a bubble" rather than do the most cursory of investigations themselves.

This was Olbermann's sign off on the topic:

"These are not merely professional athletes in professional sports that we're talking about. Hope Solo, coach Jill Ellis and president Sanil Gulati are representing this country, you and me; and clearly none of them is qualified to do so, certainly not now. Solo deserves immediate suspension with all rights of appeal. Ms. Ellis and Mr. Gulati, however, who have shown this condescending attitude of sports-first, reality-second, protect the bubble at all times and have been the worst possible role models for and the worst possible representatives of this country should be immediately dismissed."

There has been no statement from U.S. Soccer following the Outside the Lines report.