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The Colts are very proud of being 'AFC Finalists'

They had a banner printed up and everything!

I guess the banner reading "2014 TEAM THAT DIDN'T DEFLATE THE BALLS LIKE A BUNCH OF CHEATING DOODYHEADS" is still in the shop. Hard to get a rush job on a sentiment that lengthy.

The interesting thing about this banner is that they hung it directly next to the banner that reads "2013 AFC SOUTH CHAMPIONS," which is what their actual title was in 2014 as well. But it appears they like to spread around their finalist bona fides:

Haphazard? Sure. But I'd print up a "finalist" banner, too. Even if I was just a finalist in a competition for "most times eating both Applebee's 2 for $20 entrees by myself."

If. IF. [surreptitiously hides enormous banner]