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Here's who rumors say the Lakers, 76ers and Knicks like in the NBA Draft

NBA Draft reporting is a big, collective scam, but it's fun!

Curious about the draft plans of the teams with the second, third and fourth picks -- the Lakers, Sixers and Knicks? There are a lot of rumors out there, but I think I've made sense of them. Here's a quick summary:

Latvian big man Kristaps Porzingis is in play for for the Sixers with the third pick, and is giving the Lakers something to ponder with the second pick, and he's also in the mix for the Knicks, who would be doing backflips in their war room if they got D'Angelo Russell, which they probably won't because he's the guy Philadelphia is targeting, and he may also have a promise that the Lakers will draft him, though if the Lakers go with a guard, they're still considering Emmanuel Mudiay, who has some voices high on him in the Knicks' front office, and is also liked by the Sixers, who wouldn't let Jahlil Okafor drop if he was available to themunless they do, in which case the Knicks may look elsewhere because they are big Justise Winslow fans, and are looking strongly at Willie Cauley-Stein, and are enamored with Trey Lyles, although the consensus is they are actively trying to trade their fourth pickbut the consensus is they ultimately won't, but if they do they could trade down for Frank Kaminsky, but anyway the Sixers won't get a chance at Okafor because the Lakers are locked in on him.

Hope that cleared things up!


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