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Tom Brady fist-pumped to 'Trap Queen' wearing 4 Super Bowl rings

The Patriots got their Super Bowl rings this weekend. They are massive, they say "DO YOUR JOB" and they spent Sunday night in the club with the whole team. There is so much here, much of it thanks to Only in Boston.

First, here's a close-up of Jonas Gray's ring just glimmering to "Trap Queen":

On to better things #SB49Ring #Patriots #eazy

A video posted by Jonas Gray (@jgray84) on

Speaking of glimmering to "Trap Queen," here is Rob Gronkowski dancing very Gronkily to "Trap Queen" while the rest of the team watches:

(Wiz Khalifa was there, as well, after his concert on Sunday night in Mansfield.)

"Trap Queen" honestly may have played 40 times:

But did Tom Brady fist-pump to "Trap Queen" while wearing all 4 of his rings? Yes, he did:

Did he have a Migos dance-off with Julian Edelman? Yup.

Do you wish to see Robert Kraft dancing to Drake, or Robert Kraft dancing to Jeezy? Here you are:

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