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Sonic is selling Kevin Durant's melted slush and old candies

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Kevin Durant has a "signature candy slush" at Sonic and now you have the chance to purchase the drink he sipped out of for the low-low price of ALL THE MONEY.

Sonic is auctioning off every single piece of the slush for a program called "Limeades for Learning." This means that every piece of candy, the liquid itself and the cup are being auctioned off separately.

Candy No. 22 is surprisingly cheap

candy 22

While candy No. 6 is rising in price

candy 6

If you think bidding on candy pieces is dumb, then how about a straw?


Or the liquid itself?


Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, but in case you want to verify providence Sonic's got you covered.

h/t Darren Rovell