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The 6 best things from the Warriors' championship afterparty, including Riley Curry rejecting a cigar

Lee Jenkins is a brilliant reporter on basketball and its characters, and he would make a very good party reporter, too. His piece describing scenes from the Warriors' closed-door championship celebration is so much fun. You should go read the whole thing, but here are a few highlights in the meantime:

1. Riley Curry says no to tobacco:

One man approached and asked Curry to autograph his Polo shirt. "I've got a lot of Polos," the man said. Another tried to slip an unlit cigar into Riley's mouth. "No," she replied, shaking her head.

ATTAGIRL, RILEY. (Also, don't do put cigars in children's mouths, stranger.)

2. Harrison Barnes got pressured into drinking for the first time, but Andre Iguodala didn't:

Two Warriors famously abstain from alcohol, Iguodala and Harrison Barnes, and both were under more pressure to drink than college freshmen. "They didn't get me," Iguodala claimed. "They got me," Barnes admitted.

That's the veteran savvy of a Finals MVP.

3. But Andre did eat pizza in a towel:

Iguodala ate pizza in a towel. "We're going to Augusta!" he shouted at Curry's dad, a fellow golfer.

Will he wear the towel to Augusta? Probably!

4. The Warriors watched this Seth Rollins clip together after the game:

5. Steve Kerr's handful of previous championship rings are mixed in with his wife's bathing suits:

Kerr owns five championship rings, all earned as a player, and he displays them prominently in his San Diego home. Not really. His wife, Margot, actually found the rings recently in her bikini drawer.

I think he just wanted us all to know his wife has a bikini drawer.

6. Kerr is already talking trash for next year:

Alvin Gentry stepped off at his floor and started toward his room, where he was changing for the party. Gentry is the new head coach in New Orleans, charged with finding a way to do what no team this season could: vanquish the Warriors. Just before the elevator door closed, and Gentry walked away, Kerr delivered one poignant parting message to his treasured lieutenant. "I can't wait," he said with a playful smile, "to start kicking the Pelicans' ass."

But for real, as the Golden State assistant moves to New Orleans to lead Anthony Davis and the Pelicans, that rivalry could become fun as hell. For now, they're all celebrating together.


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