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The NBA Finals, delightfully recapped in 'Dragon Ball Z' GIFs

Did you see those "Dragon Ball Z" GIFs floating around the net during the NBA Finals? They were made by noise_filter and some form an awesome recap of the series.

1. Remember Matthew Dellavedova? Everyone loved him for like 72 hours and no one could spell his name. An unfortunate few spent money they earned to purchase his jersey.

2. This actually isn't an illustration, it's just a GIF of LeBron during the finals. He was that good. It's here because it fits the Dragon Ball Z theme.

3. Finally in Game 4, we glimpsed the finals Steph Curry we'd been waiting for. And an NBA Jam-style big head GIF, too!

Created by /u/noise_filter (aka proxyrax) on 6/14/15

4. The NBA Finals -- heck the NBA season -- were basically about Steph Curry being awesome on a basketball court and his family being awesome off it. A fitting tribute.

Created by /u/noise_filter (aka proxyrax) on 6/17/15

(h/t B/R)