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Pablo Sandoval benched for Instagram creepin' during in-game poopin'

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Things aren't going so well for the embattled Red Sox third baseman.

Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

In the middle of Wednesday night's Red Sox game, a 5-2 loss against the Braves, someone noticed something a little odd. Starting third baseman Pablo Sandoval, hitting fifth, was active on social media:

Sandoval could have blamed this problem on someone else's hacking for once, but he confessed to the crime and will sit down for Thursday's game.

But it's not what you think:

What, we're supposed to expect him to poop in the bathroom without a phone, like an animal? This isn't the Dark Ages. Have a heart, people.

Mostly, I'm just impressed with his confidence that he could poop before his turn in the order and/or the end of the inning.


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