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Meet featherbowling, the most obscure sport in North America

It's like curling in a trench. At a feather.

Yes, featherbowling. From Wikipedia:

Feather bowling is a game played with wooden balls shaped like cheese wheels.

I'm listening. For those of you a bit confused about the scoring aspect:

The team with balls closest to the feather at the end of the round wins 1 point per ball. The game is over when one team scores 10 points.

I'm in. I'm all in. Let's all dig trenches in a local pub and start our own featherbowling leagues. NOTE: please get permission from your local pub before digging your trench.

After the game has ended it is customary to eat pommes frites dipped in mayonnaise and have a sexy party.

Uh. Let's hope that bit is just a Wikipedia editor having a bit of fun. The sexy party, I mean. I don't want any sex-based parties interfering with my mayo fries.

I am very serious about my mayo fries.

If you happen to be in Detroit, hit up the Cadieux Cafe. Maybe they'll let you bowl a round.