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This Vanderbilt player was beaned so hard the lace marks imprinted on his neck

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Vanderbilt's Rhett Wiseman got hit in the neck by a pitch during Friday's game against TCU. It looked pretty grim, though he seemed okay, since he hit a home run later on.

But upon closer look — AHHHHHH:

The laces. Are imprinted. On his skin.

He actually went numb later, according to The Tennessean:

"First, I had to make sure I could breathe," he said. "… Then I got numb on that side of my body, and I had to make sure it came back. But then it all came back, and I was good to go."

"The toughest part of it was the after-effect. Everything else started seizing up around (my neck) – my head, my back, my hip, back of my leg. But in the dugout, I had (pitcher) Ben Bowden give me a massage."

Thankfully, he seems to be alright, and will hopefully heal in time for the College World Series finals ...

... maybe?

(h/t @dirtystylebmx)