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Rex Ryan once broke brother Rob's nose over not wanting to be his wingman

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Graham's profile of Rex Ryan is really great and you should read the whole thing. It discusses the end of his tenure with the Jets and how he bounced back. That's not what we're going to talk about though. We're going to talk about the night Rex ended up in jail for breaking Rob's nose.

Rob: "I was a solo rider and had a babe on the line. But she had a friend. I said, ‘You know, come on. Be a team player.' "

Rex: "I said, ‘Dude, I'm staying at home today.' "

Rob: "So after a few hundred beers I said, ‘You need to help out.' He didn't, so I was pissed and got in a wrestling match with him. I think he was a lot more sober than I was."

Rex: "I was bigger and was just going to throw his ass down. But he reversed me and got on top. So we went at it. We ended up outside, and here he comes."

Rob: "I ran after him, and he had a right hand waiting for me. I never saw it coming. Still haven't seen it."

Rex got pulled over later and taken to jail for what he had done. They called Rob and he told them to leave Rex there.

This was just days before their dad, Buddy Ryan, would win Super Bowl XX with the Bears. Needless to say, Buddy was not happy to see the shape his boys were in when they got to New Orleans for the game.

Could he really complain though? His wife admits that they may have mixed their children up multiple times when they were little.