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Hero museum employee keeps using a fake news exhibit to make harrowing golf videos

So, there's a journalism museum called Newseum in Washington, D.C., and in it, there's an exhibit called "Be a TV Reporter." In this exhibit, you stand in front of a green or blue screen and read a news report off a teleprompter. Newseum has a YouTube channel that archives every video for two weeks.

It's good practice for aspiring TV reporters -- but for one Newseum employee named Jo, it's an opportunity for him to practice his golf swing. Like ... several times:


(Thanks, Newseum!)

If you think he's wasting time at the exhibit -- first of all, no. He's an American hero who deserves to practice his golf swings during fake news reports.

Second of all, it could've been way worse, as seen in this other footage:

Damn, Bill. That's the darkest fake news report ever given.

(via Newseum Archives)