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The life and times of Jaxson De Ville, the Jaguars' lewd, madcap mascot

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After 19 years, Jacksonville Jaguars mascot Jaxson De Ville is retiring. It's heartbreaking, but probably for the best. Jaxson was the star of the franchise for a long time, but he was also unhinged and deeply self-destructive, and with each passing season, the chances increased of one of his dangerous, stripped-to-the-fur stunts leading to his death or arrest in the name of Duval. Let us recount the life and times of a mascot legend:

Jaxson pissed off opponents (including Steelers owner Dan Rooney) so much that the NFL instituted new mascot rules:


Jaxson tried to zipline and got stuck:

Jaxson bungee jumped:

Jaxson created the most patriotic image in American history:

Jaxson caught fire:

Jaxson wheelied at some porta-potties:

Jaxson beat the crap out of "Tim Tebow" at Wembley Stadium:

Jaxson streaked at Wembley Stadium:

Jaxson baited human adult Mike Florio into Twitter-battling a pretend cat:

Jaxson caught a pass:

Jaxson pied a Titans fan:

Jaxson stripped down and danced at a hot tub party:

Jaxson had to apologize for a bad ebola joke:


Jaxson lost a bet and wore a bikini:

Jaxson lost another bet and danced in a thong:

Jaxson lost yet another bet and got shot with paintballs while naked:

Jaxson was legit great at golf:

Jaxson raced go-karts with Travis Pastrana:

We'll miss you, Jaxson. Take care of yourself.