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Why are we all amazed that a pregnant woman can shoot a basketball?

Clearly pregnancy comes with superpowers.

There's a video of Steph Curry's wife, Ayesha, nailing a three point shot while pregnant and let's face it, it's amazing. She's not just a woman who can drop a three, which is unusual in itself. She's a woman with child WHO CAN SHOOT A BASKETBALL. Pretty wild, in my opinion, since pregnant women are supposed to lie daintily on the couch eating pickles and ice cream for nine months.

I mean, I couldn't shoot a three when I wasn't pregnant, but perhaps now in my second trimester, I can. Or do I have to wait until my third trimester, like Ayesha? I'm not familiar with the laws of pregnancy super powers.

Anyway, I did some research and found some other amazing things pregnant women have done. We should get them together and form a Legion of Superpreggos.

1. Throw a baseball

Here are seven (!!!) pregnant women throwing a baseball at the same time.

2. Score a goal

Here are a bunch of pregnant ladies playing soccer and one scores a goal! The video title says it all, those are some crazy pregnant women.

3. Run

She peed on herself, so maybe this one shouldn't count. Weak.

4. Run for real

This one counts. A full 800 meters! Without peeing!

5. Golf

This pregnant lady even got endorsements. Probably Vlasic and Haagen Dazs.