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The summer Luke Ridnour was traded 4 times in a week

4 trades in less than a week! No wonder he'd rather not play this season.

Mid-morning on Wednesday, the Magic traded veteran reserve point guard Luke Ridnour to the Grizzlies:

Early Thursday morning, the Grizzlies forwarded Ridnour to the Hornets:

Mere hours later, the Hornets re-gifted Ridnour to the Thunder:

Less than a week later, we have this:

Luke Ridnour has been passed around like a beach ball at a Nickelback concert!

Quentin Richardson once got traded four times over a matter of months, and Ridnour's has now matched that IN ONE WEEK.

In all likelihood, Ridnour has been sitting at home, relaxing and reading tons of texts from his agent, but I much prefer to imagine Ridnour hopping on a plane to Memphis, landing, waiting for a cab, realizing he's been dealt, heading back through security, hopping on another plane to Oklahoma City, then having his plane intercepted mid-flight so that another plane headed to Charlotte can perform an air-to-air cargo handoff and send him the other direction.

I hope he's enjoying this and not fretting too much. He's already played for several teams in his career, so he knows the business. My only worry is that there is a point at which a guy gets traded so much that his corporeal form begins to disintegrate and his existence as ASSET is fully realized. Let's not forget Luke Ridnour is a human person, please, NBA teams.

Good luck on your next adventure, sweet prince.

UPDATE: We hope Ridnour enjoys his year off.


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