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New Hornet Frank Kaminsky said the one thing you absolutely do not say in North Carolina

Isn't this what agents are for? To help clients figure out how to comport themselves? This is a grave offense:

I don't even remember which side of that debate Carolinans fall on, I just know they have STRONG opinions about it, and the third option of "it's a sauce" can get you sent to the State Penitentiary For People Who Say Food Words Bad.

He's from the Midwest and he means well. I can't really blame him. But for next time, Frank: Barbecue is when you take a bunch of raw fish and vegetables and wrap it in rice and seaweed then slice it into little bite-sized pieces.

Kaminsky already got caught dissing the franchise and the city, so this is strike two in the Charlotte-affrontin'. How are we feeling about turning down SIX draft picks in a trade for this guy, MJ?