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Don't you dare call Gregg Popovich after midnight, NBA free agents

Gregg Popovich's rules are a lot like the rules in Gremlins. No bright light, don't get him wet and whatever you do -- don't call him after midnight. The Spurs coach is very, VERY clear on that last one when it comes to NBA free agency.

"I'm not calling anyone at midnight. I'll be in bed. And if that's the difference, then I don't want them."

This quote from the San Antonio Express News explains coach Pop's approach to free agency. Who can blame him? There's that old quote about nothing good happening after midnight, maybe he just applies this idea to free agents, too. Perhaps nobody good is ever signed after midnight?

Either way, we support Popovich's desire to get a good night's sleep and never stay up to watch Seth Meyers after Jimmy Fallon.