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Marshawn Lynch is a 'Call of Duty' character and he's shooting people in the face

Playing with Marshawn Lynch in Madden is always fun, but now you have a chance to shoot people in the face with him. Beast Mode is coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and it's been revealed that Lynch will star in Activision's billion-dollar video game franchise.

ESPN detailed the journey for Lynch from NFL running back to digitized gunslinger, and it's fascinating. Here are a few of the best Marshawn quotes from his experience:

Marshawn takes direction easily.

Lynch will be ad-libbing his lines, which won't be recorded today but could be added later in postproduction. "This is hard," Lamia says. "You really have to act." "I got you, boss," Lynch replies.

His character is quite concerned with England's "grass"

"Y'all got good grass in England?" Lynch asks. "We got football," Jenkins says. "F--- football," Lynch counters. "I'm talking about that good grass!"

Life after football?

"On my way out here, I was nervous," Lynch says. "Now I'm fittin' to join the Army!"

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