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You can finally get on a party ship to the Bahamas with Rob Gronkowski

Bro, do you even sail to the Bahamas with a famous tight end and his family and friends?


gronk party ship

Yes, Rob Gronkowski is graduating from a party bus and will be hosting (hopefully not piloting) a booze cruise to the Bahamas just a couple weeks after the 2016 Super Bowl.

What can you expect on this PARTY SHIP?

- A round trip (thank goodness!) cruise from Miami to the Bahamas!
- A picture with Gronk himself!
- Activities hosted by Gronk, the Gronkowski family and "other artists!" (Guessing this is mostly just beer pong.)
- Q&A session with the Gronkowski family! 
- Probably just TONS of barfing
- Autographed Rob Gronkowski commemorative item! (Likely a SUN'S OUT GUNS OUT tank top.)
- Live music and DJs on SIX stages throughout the ship!

How can you NOT want to be a part of this? Other than rampant tales of cruise ships breaking down and being stranded at sea, I mean. And pirates. There are always pirates. Other than that. Let's all go together! It'll be Gronk-tastic!


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