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Sepp Blatter thinks all his critics 'should go to jail'

Alessandro Della Bella/Getty Images

Sepp Blatter is not going away without making damn sure that everyone knows he's innocent. According to The Guardian, Blatter stated in an interview with German magazine Bunte that he believes everyone who associates him with the FIFA scandal should go to jail:

"If somebody accuses me of being corrupt, I ask him whether he knows the meaning of that word. Whoever calls me corrupt will have to prove it, but nobody can prove that because I am not corrupt.

"I am open to correct or positive criticism. I can use that to reconsider if I need to change in the future. But if anybody calls me corrupt because FIFA is corrupt, I can only shake my head. Everybody who says something like that should go to jail.

And like anyone who's ever committed any wrongdoing, he dropped the "Only God can judge me" spiel:

Blatter added: "My faith has given me strength during the last week. I am a religious person and pray, too. I own a golden cross that has been blessed by Pope Francis. I believe I will go to heaven one day. But I believe there is no hell. I disagree with the pope on that."

Good luck with that, Sepp.

(via The Guardian)