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Anthony Davis has a pet monkey named Meek!

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Young Meek!

A photo posted by Ant Davis (@antdavis_23) on

The NBA offseason can be incredibly boring and not just for the fans.

Anthony Davis is clearly a smart man, so to deter any further boredom, he went and bought himself a monkey to keep himself company, and help pass the time with Instagram snaps.

Sure, no one really knows if owning a monkey is a good idea, but it's really neither here nor there because IT'S SO DARN CUTE.

He named him Meek! Awwww.

Maybe he'll try and keep up with Dwight Howard who added ANOTHER snake to his collection this week. May as well!

My baby anaconda. She's gonna be HUGE.

A photo posted by Dwight Howard (@dwighthoward) on

H/T to Eye on Basketball