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6'7 NBA player holds bag of popcorn so giant, it makes him look like a small child

Brooklyn Nets rookie Rondae Hollis-Jefferson is in Las Vegas at the Summer League where apparently, they are storing gigantic bags of popcorn.

First, let's talk about how much popcorn that is. Hollis-Jefferson is 6'7 with a 7' wingspan. That is one gigantic bag of popcorn. And it's only one of at least three.

Now, let's talk about why he appears so sad to be holding this gigantic bag of popcorn. It's obviously because he is a rookie and he knows that bag, plus many like it, will one day end up filling his car. NBA players only know one prank and it's filling player's cars -- and even houses -- with popcorn.

Hollis-Jefferson essentially has two options, consume all of that popcorn now or later find it pouring out the doors of his car. We already proved that eating large quantities of free NBA popcorn is harder than it looks.


SB Nation presents: NBA players really love pulling pranks with popcorn.