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Barry Bonds selfied with a sleeping Willie Mays like a mean kid at a sleepover

He loves his godfather, and he pranks his godfather.

Willie Mays is Barry Bonds' godfather, and the two have been very close for Bonds' whole life. And when you're as close as family, sometimes you're as cheeky as family. Behold Barry's selfie with a sleeping Willie:

This is exactly the scene around the lame kid who falls asleep first at the sleepover, and I can only assume Barry went on to write "POOP" on Willie's head and dip his hand in a bowl of warm water. The caption here:

Yes he sleep. #SayHey Willie Mays and yes I sleep next to him. I am so proud to have the best God Father in the world. ❤️⚾️ I Love you and everything that you have done for me and my family Willie.

(This is really sweet.)


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