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John Cena destroys Michael Strahan in impromptu battle rap

Some days, a WWE Superstar gets in a rap battle with an NFL Hall of Famer. It happens.

On Tuesday's episode of Live with Kelly and Michael, John Cena stopped by to give a normal, humble interview ... until he was called on to battle rap against Michael Strahan. Strahan is, uh ... not a rapper. He made that clear up top. Still, he gave it a shot.

The official lyrics of Michael Strahan's attempt at a battle rap:

I'm here
On the set
All my lyrics are about to get wet
I'm 'bout to talk
To John Cena
He can't see me
Is it between a
Between him and me
Who [???] each other
I love him, he's like my brother
I don't want to hurt his feelings, but he's on my show
Here, John, it's your turn, just go

John Cena's verse was ... better.

Kelly silence the beat, I want 'em to hear the punchlines
I'm bout to eat you, dog, like it was straight up lunchtime
See I'm a game that you don't want to play, man
I'm John Cena, you just a chump Michael Strahan
This Sunday I got a match at a PPV called Battleground
Thunder and lightning will make your cranium get that rattle sound
Trust me, you don't want none, you should just take a rain check
You're better off buying a ticket to go see a movie that's named Trainwreck
I stay quick witted, unlike you who is kind of slow
Thank you, the wonderful crowd right here at Kelly & Michael's show

And uh ... Kelly's contribution:

I don't know what just happened
But in Michael's pants, he be crappin'

(h/t Cageside Seats)


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