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A Chargers fan dressed as a creepy lightning bolt addressed San Diego city council

In costume!

One of the most outspoken advocates for the Chargers to stay in San Diego is 49-year-old grown man who dresses as a creepy lightning bolt creature and goes by "Boltman." Said grown man testified in full costume in front of San Diego city council, lobbying them (successfully!) to approve a study on the environmental impact of a potential new Chargers stadium. This is what that looks like:

Of note here is Boltman's ongoing struggle with Chargers owners, which has led to quite a bit of money lost and some great quotes about pooping:

As a short-lived game-day mascot, Jauregui expected the Chargers to pay him — at least reimburse costs of his Hollywood-designed costumes. But when the Bolts balked, Jauregui took his beefs public, saying the team "pooped" on him. He eventually sued the Chargers for costs and legal fees.

Today Jauregui (pronounced Jehr-EGG-ee) says his Boltman losses exceed $100,000.

Anyway, here's what our Chargers blog thinks of all this:

... although, to be fair ...