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Mick Fanning's friend gave an emotional interview after witnessing shark attack from the water

Julian Interview

Mick Fanning wasn't alone in the water - Julian Wilson comments on the #JBayOpen shark encounter

Posted by World Surf League on Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mick Fanning wasn't alone in the water when a shark attacked him during a surfing competition in South Africa, his competitor and friend Julian Wilson was there too. Wilson was interviewed following the traumatic event and understandably had a hard time keeping his composure while re-living the events in the water when he thought his friend had died.

It's impossible to understand what was going through Fanning's mind, but his actions were heroic. Rather than trying to save himself and swim for shore, his first actions were to signal to Wilson and tell him to get out of the water -- only then did he try to fight off the shark.

Fanning punched the shark in the back and managed to escape in one of the most dramatic videos we've seen in a long time. This photo captured of Fanning and Wilson back on shore says it all.

Friends first. Mick Fanning & Julian Wilson share a moment of relief safely back on the beach. #JBayOpen Photo captured by Kirstin Scholtz

Posted by World Surf League on Sunday, July 19, 2015