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Luke Ridnour on getting traded 4 times in a week: 'I just laughed about it'

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Rejection can be tough. The self-doubt creeps in, your confidence plummets and it can be pretty rough to keep thinking positive.

Take NBA player Luke Ridnour, for example. The poor guy has been traded four times in one week!

That's gotta be tough, but Ridnour insists he's not letting it get to him and is just trying to enjoy his time with his family.

Courtesy of Jeff Zilgitt , USA TODAY:

"I've got a lot of texts from friends and family worried about us," Ridnour told USA TODAY Sports from his home on a lake on suburban Seattle. "It really hasn't affected us at all. It's been pretty funny ...

"Honestly, not much has changed."

Ridnour can only laugh and hope he doesn't replicate Quentin Richardson's awful time in 2009, where he was traded several times over seven weeks.

"I just laughed about it and realized my contract is the reason I'm getting traded and how valuable my deal is for teams in free agency," Ridnour said.

And despite Ridnour not being overly active on social media, the Internet jibes don't get lost on him:

"People are telling me I'm trending and it's pretty funny how people get into it," he said.

The 12-year veteran still thinks he has another year in him, and because of his sportsmanship, we can only hope he gets it before the memes run dry.