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Tour de France cyclist hits telephone pole, falls into ravine in wild crash

Geraint Thomas is okay following this crash during the Col de Manse descent on the Stage 16 of the Tour de France. The 29-year-old cyclist was pushed by Warren Barguil, a young French rider, sending Thomas straight into a telephone pole then down a steep drop. Moments later he was back on his bike and eventually finished the stage, proving once again that cyclists are barely human.

Thomas' quotes to The Guardian after the wreck seemed to be more concerned with his glasses:

"I feel alright now," says Thomas. "I guess the doctor will ask for my name and date of birth in a minute." Asked if he does still know his name, Thomas smiles: "Erm, Chris Froome.

"A nice Frenchman picked me up," he adds. "There are a few out here. I lost my glasses as well. They don't even make them anymore."

The Col de Manse descent is one of the wildest stretches in any race, regardless of the sport. This was the same stage that caused Lance Armstong to drive off-road down a grassy hill.


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