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NFL rookies finding out their Madden ratings? Runs the full spectrum of emotions

It's a yearly tradition like no other: NFL rookies being devastated by their low Madden NFL rankings. At this point you'd think they'd learn they're not going to step out of college and get a 92 out of the gate, but it still made some of them mad.

NFL rookies, ranked from most upset to least upset:

1. Sammie Coates

2. Tevin Coleman

3. Duke Johnson

4. Phillip Dorsett

5. Amari Cooper

6. Devin Smith

7. T.J. Yeldon

8. Marcus Mariota

9. Jameis Winston

10. Todd Gurley

11. Devin Funchess

12. Melvin Gordon

13. Kevin White

Special credit to Kevin White. Dude was OVERJOYED by his rating.

kevin white

This very thing happened back in 2013, when SB Nation talked to that year's rookie class about their rankings.

SB Nation archives: NFL rookies guess their Madden 25 player ratings (2013)