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The Angels used a police helicopter to help dry their field

Rain in Southern California in July? No worries, call in the helicopter!

Heavy rains hit Southern California Sunday night, which caused the Angels game with the Red Sox to be postponed. It's a rare occurrence as the Angels haven't been rained out at home since 1995. Getting the field ready for a double header on Monday was a major undertaking, so the Angels called in some help.

That is indeed a City of Anaheim Police helicopter being used to dry the outfield. It just sort of hovered around to scatter the water so it drys faster.

It's apparently effective too as Los Angeles and Boston were able to begin the first game of their doubleheader on time. As for the helicopter, according to, the Angels pay the cost of using the helicopter and it will leave immediately if it's needed for actual police reasons.

There is no reason to invest in a fancy drainage system when you only rain outs every 20 years and can just use a freaking helicopter to help dry the field. Washington previously broke out the same trick to dry their football field during training camp.