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Kentucky sent Drake a cease-and-desist letter after he accidentally committed an NCAA violation

It's no secret that Drake loves Kentucky basketball. Unfortunately, because the NCAA has weird rules, Kentucky had to give Drake the cold shoulder. According to Sporting News, they sent Drake a cease-and-desist letter for an NCAA violation.

What was the violation, you ask? He took photos with recruits at an event in October 2014:

Kentucky compliance self-reported the impermissible communication between Drake and three potential student-athletes (PSAs) on April 27, according to a letter obtained by Sporting News as part of an open records request.

According to the details in the letter, Drake and his management team arrived at Rupp Arena prior to the event's tipoff and were advised that "NCAA rules prohibited the institution from arranging contact between him and the PSAs as this would be an NCAA violation." After informing the three recruits in town for Big Blue Madness that they were not allowed to have contact with Drake, athletic directors went as far as trying to coordinate who would be in the hallways to ensure that they did not cross paths.

Well, that clearly did not work, because, after Drake tried to find the head coach, 4-star commit Charles Matthews found Drake and asked him to take a photo:

Kentucky thought this pretty much a harmless gesture that didn't really help Matthews in recruiting, but they still had to send Drake a cease-and-desist letter and tell the NCAA about it. From 0 to 100, what are the chances that letter actually reached Drake? Maybe ... uh, 10.

(via Sporting News)

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