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Even Madden 2016 is mocking the Seahawks for losing the Super Bowl

Everyone still thinks the Seahawks losing was funny. Except the Seahawks, probably.

You may not have heard, but the Seattle Seahawks were one yard away from winning the Super Bowl. Except, instead of running the ball with Marshawn Lynch, Seattle chose to throw it and Russell Wilson's pass was intercepted. It was a pretty big deal when it happened more than five months ago.

The jokes about it are never, ever going to die.

Just last week, the ESPYS opened with a joke at Seattle's expense. On Wednesday, the Madden video game Twitter got in on the act, too, and the Seahawks walked right into it. Madden 2016 ratings were released recently, which led the Seahawks to tweet this.

Seemingly harmless enough. Except all it really did was put a ball on a tee for Madden to launch this dinger.


At least Seattle took it in stride.

It was bad enough the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl. They've now had to spend the entire offseason hearing about it every day. At this point, @Seahawks should just tweet out a "Stop, stop, he's already dead" meme and hope for a truce until next season starts.