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Surfer rides giant wave while LIT ON FIRE


Jamie O'Brien is a professional surfer who has surfed some of the biggest waves around the world. Recently, he decided to take it up a notch, so he decided to surf another big wave, but do it after being lit on fire.

That was O'Brien's first full attempt at fire surfing after only briefly testing his fire suit setup before. Via Red Bull:

I caught the best wave of my life today. It was a dream wave, and I was on fire. It was the biggest adrenaline rush of my life. Everything went super smooth! Yesterday, during a test I burned a quarter of my eyelash and eyebrow, but it was really cool. There was a lot of build-up and yesterday we had a few difficulties, but today we just went for it and next thing you know I was in the barrel, I was on fire and flames were wrapping everywhere. It was really cool.

That's right. After burning off part of his eyebrow during a test, O'Brien basically said screw it and lit himself on fire again to surf a wave. It's not like this was a lifelong dream or anything, either.

I got a direct message on Instagram that said it would be cool if you lit yourself on fire, and I kinda thought, why not?

Lighting yourself on fire to surf a giant wave because someone said to on social media is either the craziest or best thing I've ever heard. Maybe both. Now the question is, what will he do to top this? He could fire surf, then end it by punching a shark in the face like Mick Fanning did last week.