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Chip Kelly collects his players' pee every day

... and other discoveries.

The Washington Post's Kent Babb profiled international man of mystery slash Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly today. It is good and you should read it.

Some discoveries:

1. Chip Kelly hates green vegetables, but he loves beer, and will have beer with you unless you ask him anything about himself.

"Mike Bellotti, the former Oregon coach and athletic director who was Kelly’s boss for three years, knows little more about Kelly than that he hates green vegetables and loves beer. 'I’m not sure I would consider that I know Chip,' Bellotti says."

2. He also loves The Lion King.

"Kelly asked (players) to practice while a network of speakers blared drill cadences and favorites from Ricky Martin or the Lion King."

3. He leaves pee cups for his players in their lockers every day, and then analyzes their pee and displays pictures of their faces with notes on how they did with their pee.

"Regardless, each day players were greeted at the team facility by screens revealing who had completed the morning routine -- an iPad soreness and mood survey, the results of a heart-rate monitor, and of course the urine test -- showing players’ head shots and a background that turned green when the daily assessment was completed."

4. Lifelong bachelor Chip Kelly is merely a regular bachelor.

"(Ex-wife Jennifer) Jenkins’s former coworkers knew the real story, and a friend joked about calling a sports radio show to reveal that the friend had been in Kelly’s wedding party. After enough strangers told Jenkins they didn’t believe her, she began carrying a wedding photograph on her iPhone. 'Nobody talks about it,' she said. 'But everybody knows.'"

Continue on to Babb's profile to read about Kelly's pursuit by a pack of bloodthirsty giants, which Kelly declined to confirm.