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Reds fan escapes after storming field, turns himself in to police anyway

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On Wednesday's game between the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs, a 19-year-old named Justin Buchanan jumped the fence and ran across the field. And he took a selfie video while doing it.

There was also plenty of footage from fans who witnessed him:

This person got pretty close to Buchanan:

He eventually got arrested -- voluntarily turning himself in, in fact -- and he's being charged with criminal trespassing. According to, it was all for a dare. Also, in an interview with Indiana's RTV6, he spent most of the game focusing on the run, and Googled the consequences of pulling this stunt before the game.

He actually tried to set up a fundraiser for legal fees:

In a further attempt to capture his 30 seconds of fame, Buchanan was busy on social media Thursday morning, retweeting a GoFundMe link apparently set up by his friends to raise money to cover his legal fees.

If Buchanan is found guilty of the charge, he could face up to 180 days in jail or a fine no more than $1,000, according to Ohio law.

Anyway, please don't do this, even if it's for a dare or a goof.

(via Associated Press and; h/t Deadspin)