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Minor league baseball players found a 10-foot alligator in the dugout

Now that is a homefield advantage.

This season appears to be the year of animals invading baseball fields and dugouts. From a duck landing on Wrigley Field to take in a few innings to skunks making a home in the visitor dugout at Dodger Stadium. A couple skunks is one thing, but animals in the dugout hit a whole new level prior to the Single-A Charlotte Stone Crabs' game on Friday.

Wow, that's a large fan. Wait a second is that a ... ENHANCE.


The Stone Crabs are set to host the Daytona Tortugas on Friday. Clearly, that alligator is bilingual and say the Daytona Turtles were coming to town and camped out so he could enjoy a nice dinner. Or maybe he just came for the free beer.