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Anthony Davis turned down 'Dancing with the Stars' because he 'can't dance'

Dancing with the Stars has had many athletes compete over the past decade, from Warren Sapp to Metta World Peace. There are plenty of big NBA stars that could easily fit on that show, and Anthony Davis is no different.

TMZ asked Davis about whether he would make a move to reality television, and he revealed that he was asked to be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, but he turned down the offer:

"Well, I've seen a couple players on Dancing with the Stars -- you know, just athletes not even NBA players -- and I actually got asked to do it, but I can't dance ... I didn't want to embarrass myself [...] but sometimes I do something just to have fun."

This is kind of heartbreaking, since it'd be fun to see him dance. (Anthony, you know they pair you up with a professional and teach you how to dance various styles, right?) But maybe in the future, Davis will change his mind ... or get called upon to save a recreational center through dance battles. One can only hope, you never know.

(h/t Uproxx; via TMZ)


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