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Bill Belichick named his boat 'VI Rings' just in case anyone lost count

Attention to detail is crucial

Once upon a time Bill Belichick had a boat named 'V Rings'. Clever name since he is the proud owner of 5 Super Bowl rings.

v rings

This February, Belichick added another ring to his collection when the Patriots beat the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. So in true Belichick fashion, he named his new boat to 'VI Rings' because he wins, wins, wins no matter what.

And just for fun, he's a shirtless Belichick enjoying said boat.

It's not all play ... There's some work involved too! #BoatNameChangeInProgress #V VI Rings ☀️

A photo posted by Linda Holliday✨ (@lindahollidayofficial) on

(h/t CBS Sports)


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