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John Smoltz's parents originally wanted him to be an accordion player

John Smoltz's induction into the MLB Hall of Fame Sunday included a speech with a bunch of fun stories from his life and career. One of the best was him talking about his parents, how they met and what they originally wanted him to be.

You didn't know much about sports or baseball. You pretty much knew about what you knew, and that was playing the accordion because that's how you guys met. You were accordion teachers, and I thank you for the opportunity that you started me in my quest to be the next Lawrence Welk at the age of 4. I played until the age of 7 and then I hit you with the ultimate whopper of all whoppers. At the age of 7 I said, "I know what I'm gonna be in life and I'm gonna be a Major League Baseball player." You loved me enough to give me room to go after my dream.

There are probably hundreds of hitters who wish Smoltz had stuck with the accordion.